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Why I Started the #FruitSaladSewing Challenge! By Yvette (@blossomsandwich)

First up, let me introduce you to the challenge. #fruitsaladsewing is a mini sewing challenge hosted on Instagram during the month of April. There’s one prompt per week so you can share each stage of your project

Week 1 (5th-11th April): Fruity Fabrics – Have a rummage in your stash (or treat yourself to some cheeky fabric shopping, there’s no judgement here!) to find fruit print fabric to show off on your grid. Ask for ideas if you’re not sure what to make with it.

Week 2 (12th-18th April): Pattern Pairings – Share your plans for the fruity fabric! You can make anything, it doesn’t have to be a garment.

Week 3 (19th-25th April): Juicy WIPs – Time to share all the juicy details behind the scenes. How is your project coming along? Good chance to ask for help with the construction process or fitting.

Week 4 (26th-30th April): Fruit Salad Soireé – It’s party time! Let’s see what everyone has made and celebrate our new fruity makes together!

If I’m honest, I started this challenge on a total whim! Over the last few weeks I’ve been really enjoying a few great Instagram sewing challenges - #sewyellowforendo, #fridaysewtacular and #frugalfrocks2021. I found these challenges motivated me to start (and more importantly, finish!) sewing projects and share them on my grid. I used this amazing banana print fabric from Hey Sew Sister for one of my Frugal Frocks and I’m absolutely thrilled with the result!

My banana print dress for #frugalfrocks2021. Yvette throws her arms and one leg in the air, celebrating her new dress! The dress is a tiered sundress with bananas and leaves on a navy background.

The lovely sewing community was also very enthusiastic about my dress, and it got me talking to a few friends about how it had inspired them to make plans for their fruity fabric. Sharing their excitement for fruity sewing projects gave me the idea to turn it into a challenge and see if anyone else fancied getting involved. Discovering the shared interest and sense of community on Instagram has been one of my favorite things since getting into dressmaking a year ago.

My fabric pick for the challenge and week 1 prompt ‘Fruity Fabric’. A flatlay showing ivory fabric with strawberries with plain red fabric folded on top. Real strawberries and red pins are next to the fabric.

I decided to run #fruitsaladsewing over four weeks as I wanted it to be a laid back challenge. I’m a slow sewer myself and don’t enjoy feeling rushed to finish a project. Each prompt lasts for a week and you can post anytime. You can even pick which weeks you want to join in with, so there’s little pressure. A lot of what we post on Instagram is finished makes, so the prompts allow for us to reveal a bit more behind the scenes – our fabric and pattern decision making process and our work in progress. I’m really excited to see lots of cute fruity fabric on my feed and s what people make! Hopefully this is a fun little challenge that is easy to join in with and helps spread some inspiration. Looking forward to seeing you on the #fruitsaladsewing hashtag!

A graphic showing the theme of each week for the #FruitSaladSewing challenge.

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