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The Pressure to Post on Instagram, by Laura (@laurahoens)

Do you know the feeling that you get to post something? The pressure that makes you feel you NEED to post something?

The last few months I've felt this pressure a lot. I started posting my sewing journey on Instagram 23 july 2020. My first obstacle was that I needed to take pictures not just of my makes, but if myself wearing them. I just don’t like to be in pictures, but I got used to it at the end of the day. At that time, I had enough pieces that I had made to post once a week until the end of December. Because of school work, I didn’t have a lot of time for sewing so I sewed almost nothing between September and December. This made me terrified because it then meant that I had nothing to post in January.

After my exams, which ended around the last week of January, I started my internship in a hospital. During that time I also had almost no time to sew, but I made a few simpler pieces that didn’t take that much time so that I could keep posting. After my internship I had four weeks “holiday”, but during this time I had to study for my exam in June, start looking for work and start working on some extra tasks for school. Even with all this, I made sure I sewed 2 hours a day.

Than a new internship started and I felt so much pressure to make out that everything was good. Even though the internship involved group work , everybody had to work a lot for it. AND I also wanted to study for my exam. It felt so much to handle that I didn’t have time to sew. It wasn’t only that, I also didn’t want to sew because of the pressure to post something on Instagram.

I posted something on the 10th May and then I didn't post at all for the next two weeks.

At the moment I'm starting to post again, but only when I want to.

Sometimes the pressure can be so high that we just burn out and are not able to post. It’s okay not wanting to post something. It’s okay not wanting to sew. You shouldn’t feel the pressure to do something you love. And if people stop following you because you don’t post often or stopped posting for a few weeks or even for a few months, they weren’t real followers. Your real followers and real friends will always keep following you, even if you don’t post weekly or more than once a week.

I think it is important that the stigma surrounding it is not concealed. It’s important to talk about it. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about not posting much when you just don’t want to.

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