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The Making of a Baby Quilt, by Laura and Carl (@sew_got_this)

Since beginning our sewing journey in January we always wanted to make a quilt. Of course, having never made one before, I thought it wise to start off smaller and gain some experience with the techniques and designs. There are so many to choose from!

This lead me to discovering the Lone Star Baby Quilt tutorial covered by Amy Smart – Diary of a Quilter. Part 1 of the tutorial covered the basics such as fabric requirements and cutting the fabric correctly. At this point I was feeling quite excited! Part 1 was really straight forward and perfect for a beginner quilter. I also loved the idea of the Lone Star quilt having a traditional motif using 10” x 10” squares.

I had some left over squares of fabric from making dolly blankets earlier in the month so got to work preparing fabric as per the requirements, remembering the recommendation of lighter to darker fabric. Overall, I was left with 24 triangles and 4 squares for the corner blocks.

Laying out the pieces was really fun! I moved the colours around many times until I was happy with the effect I was going for. Once my layout was completed I took photos so I could remember where each piece went – making a quilt with a 3 year old in the house is difficult when they take the pieces to make their own quilt! Gotta love the enthusiasm.

Each of the triangle pieces were matched up and sewn using a ¼ “ seam allowance – this made twelve half-square triangle blocks. I let the machine feed the triangles through without pulling so you don’t stretch the bias edges – a really good piece of advice Amy gives you.

The wonderful part was making the actual quilt top once all of the pieces were matched together; just remember to take your time to match up the points of the quilt when sewing together. I found this part tricky and did have to unpick one row due to the points being way off.

The last area of Part 1 was adding the borders, which we did a little differently to Amy’s advice, as our quilt was slightly smaller than hers. We measured the quilt and cut 23” lengths of some really bright white and green striped fabric we had in our stash. The borders were sewn on, cutting off any extra fabric hanging off the edges. We did measure a few times to make sure this part was accurate.

Part 2 is where the quilt really comes together!

Some good recommendations:

  • Basting Pins – safety pins with a bent side to make it easier to hook through flat layers.

  • Walking Foot for your sewing machine – this is great to help feed through multiple layers.

  • Batting for inside the quilt – I used 2 inch batting and found this a perfect thickness.

It was time to baste the quilt (sandwich the quilt together) so we can quilt all three layers together – quilt topper, batting and backing. Basting is an important step to keep the layers from moving while you are quilting. Using basting pins was great, however I placed my pins along my quilt lines making it a long process to move again – definitely a thing to remember for the future!

Amy recommends marking the quilt where seams aren’t present, which is good to do. It really helps to follow when quilting through. I also decided to add an extra triangle in each of the blocks.

Once finished it was time to add the binding! Of course we looked no further than Laura at the Specky Seamstress for help. Laura was able to provide us with 3m of 24mm beautiful black floral binding. This was after a morning's discussion of the best fabric to choose – thank you for your assistance. This was attached after watching some You Tube tutorials – how to attach binding to your quilt, as you see so many recommendations – by hand or by machine?!

We used our machine.

Overall we love our little baby quilt. It’s a special first quilt make that we will keep forever. All of the learning aspects will be taken with us to our next quilt project which will be a lot bigger! If you are thinking about diving into quilt making using your fabric scraps, do it!

Thank you to Camilla at We Sew Fabulous for giving us the opportunity to blog about our little Baby Quilt. It’s been amazing to look back at all the fun we had while making it.

Laura and Carl – Sew Got This

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