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That's Sew October, by Camilla (@she_sew_fabulous)

I’m super excited to announce the launch of #ThatsSewOctober aka my first ever sewing challenge with prizes involved that I’m co-hosting with my fellow Camilla, aka Corinne, aka the lovely @sewing4selfcare.

After we collaborated together making our laisa shirts over the summer, Corinne and I knew that we wanted to do something together again and decided a challenge was the way forwards! We wanted something that wasn’t too difficult for people to take part in, that would tie into their sewing plans, so that no one would have to go too far out of their way, or order anything specific, to take part. Unless they wanted to, of course!!

So, why October? Well, don’t you think it’s such a great time of year? After the heat of summer and before the coldness of winter, October is a time when everything is a beautiful colour, when the seasons turn and we start thinking about warmer clothes and pumpkin spiced lattes and roaring fires and general cosiness.

I adore autumnal shades : warm oranges and rich browns and deep, dark reds. They make me think of the earth and the final burst of colour before everything goes into hibernation ready to be reborn again in spring. I could wax lyrical all day about how much I love autumn, but I guess I’d better talk a little more about the challenge itself!!

To take part, all you have to do is create (or style something you made previously) inspired by this most wonderful month : October. If you want to make something spooky and Halloween inspired, I am 100% here for it because I LOVE Halloween. In fact I’ve been eyeing up lots of spooky fabrics that I think would make super outfits, so we shall see what my final #ThatsSewOctober make turns out to be!!

If Halloween isn’t your bag, then how about some of those beautiful colours I mentioned? Or maybe it’s your birthday in October and you want to make a birthday outfit. Perhaps October holds something special only for you and you want to make something to commemorate that. You don't even have to make something new, you.may already have a favourite autumnal me made that you love to wear time and time again so by all means, enter that! You’re limited only by your own imagination : I love a creative interpretation of a brief and simply cannot wait to see what you lovely, inspirational lot turn out for this challenge. It doesn’t have to be a garment either, you can make whatever you like. I’m hoping to see lots of quilts and bags and all sorts of things as entries.

You can enter as many times as you like using the hashtag #ThatsSewOctober and tagging @sewing4selfcare and @she_sew_fabulous, just to make sure we get to see your post and reshare it, as we don’t want to miss anything! The closing date for the challenge is the end of October, so make sure you share it before then to be considered for a prize.

Corinne and I will be revealing more detail about our sponsors as the weeks go by, but we’ve got some great prizes on offer from some very generous sponsors that we’re very grateful for and the nature of the prizes means that entries are not just limited to the UK, so I hope we’ll have some international entries as well.

That’s enough from me for now! If you have any questions, you know where to find us and you’ll know, if you’ve messaged either one of us before, that we love a chat, so hit us up any time!

Happy sewing!

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