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Terms and Conditions for Using "We Sew Fabulous".

Updated: May 24, 2021

Please note that as "We Sew Fabulous grows and evolves, these terms and conditions are liable to change, so I suggest you return often to check you are still happy with the terms and conditions of posting and visiting the site.

We Sew Fabulous (WSF) is a collaborative effort, formed from contributions given by different members of the Instagram sewing community. As such, you are likely to see a variety of different views and have exposure to different experiences. This is a vital part of the WSF experience and by accessing the blog, you agree to read viewpoints that may differ from your own and treat them with respect.

WSF is a forum where people are free to share their thoughts, views and opinions. These thoughts, views and opinions must be treated with respect and if, at any time, negativity or prejudicial remarks are made on anyone's content, the writer of said remarks will no longer be welcome on WSF. This blog is a safe space where everyone is welcome and will not tolerate any discrimination of grounds of ethnicity, sexuality, gender expression, disability or anything else.

If the content you are writing contains sensitive information (e.g. eating disorders or body image, mental health struggles or anything that other readers may find upsetting) please include a trigger warning at the start of your piece.

All content is original and remains the intellectual property of the author, whose name is stated at the top of the piece. The author is free to repost their own work in their own forum (be it their blog, Instagram page or somewhere else.) They may not repost the work of others without their express permission. WSF will proof read and edit all articles before publishing on the blog and publishing will be done exclusively by Camilla Steel, owner of the blog. By submitting blog posts to the email, you have given your consent for this to happen. Any photographs you send to with your email submission will be posted onto the blog and then deleted from all of Camilla's devices. All emails will be kept as proof of consent for editing.

By sending submissions to the blog, you give consent for the information therein to be shared via my instagram page, @she_sew_fabulous. If you do not want me to share on Instagram, please let me know via email at the point of submission.

At the moment I have no plans to share information on Facebook, but will update if this changes.

Please note that if you want to share information about new blog posts that were not written by you, this should be done by reposting from my Instagram page (@she_sew_fabulous) or the Instagram page of the original author, which will be written clearly at the top of the article.

Blog posters may post links to third party sites where relevant to the article they're writing. They may also link to their own business page / Instagram business page if that is the topic of their article. They may not use the blog platform for trading (i.e. No sales can be made by exchanging transaction details over the blog). Please note, that while I encourage small business owners to write pieces about their business journey, WSF is not a free platform to advertise your products.

Any commercially available patterns mentioned in these blog posts may not be reproduced for sale without express permission of the pattern maker. Please do not reproduce anything for sale without seeking consent first. Please note that any opinions about these patterns are the writers'

Any tutorials given by contributors are done for you to use in your own sewing practice as you see fit.

Please be aware that WSF is an entirely non profit community blog. I do not pay anyone for their submissions. I do not expect payment for providing a platform for submissions. No monies or free products will be exchanged as a result of blog posts in any way shape or form.

Please note that when you visit WSF, your visit will be recorded for purposes of analytical data. For more information on this, please see the privacy policy. Unless you expressly provide me with your email address, this will not be retained.

Please note that the final decision regarding posting of all articles is Camilla's. If I feel a piece is not in keeping with the overall community spirit of WSF I will contact you and tell you why I won't be publishing it.

If you wish to contact me at any time, you may reach me

On Instagram @she_sew_fabulous

Via email

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