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So, You Want to Start Sewing..? By Donna (@sizemesewing)

Here are the 6 things you NEED to know when you start sewing :

You will struggle.

Choose an achievable project.

Easy doesn’t mean quick.

Accuracy IS important.

Instructions ARE your friends.

Sewing requires an iron!

I guess you were expecting a list of equipment or a bunch of technical jargon explaining various techniques? Nope sorry, there’s time for all that later!

These 6 points are more important at the beginning to help you understand that the struggle is real! Once you accept that, you’ll stop giving yourself such a hard time, begin building your confidence and start achieving!

You will struggle. In a world of bloggers, vloggers and influences, you are forgiven in thinking you’ll be running up prom dresses next week. Sewing is actually a complex form of engineering and the techniques take practice and patience. Sharpen your unpicker and gather up all your resilience. You CAN and WILL achieve but practice makes perfect.

Chose an achievable project. Think less pieces and not fitted, that means they will be relatively quick projects that allow you to focus on the sewing first without too many complications.

Here are a few that I would recommend

Easy doesn’t mean quick. I think it’s important to manage your expectations…a pattern that says easy will not always be quick, some techniques are easy but time consuming! Also do not believe anything that says it can made in a 2 hours!!

The Serene Skirt is an easy project as the techniques are within grasp for a newbie but gathering can be time consuming. Well worth it though!

Accuracy IS important. Yes, yes, yes it will make a difference if you DON'T cut accurately or stitch precisely. Always be as accurate as you are able.

Instructions ARE your friends. They may not seem so, but I promise they are : it’s all about comprehension.

How many of us actually use our comprehension skills from primary school, or remember what they are?!

Comprehension is the understanding and interpretation of what is read. To be able to accurately understand written material, children need to be able to :

(1) decode what they read;

(2) make connections between what they read and what they already know; and

(3) think deeply about what they have read.

That’s right : it’s time to go back, spend time reading each word and checking that you understand it before you move forward.

Sewing requires an iron! For some, the most disappointing realisation is that the iron is used A LOT during sewing. Pressed seams elevate your project beyond homemade to handmade and it’s worth every second.

Photo by Andrey Matveev from Pexels

Confidence is THE most important factor in any learning. If you believe you can, you will…but you need to practice.

I believe in you!

Now for a shameless plug…

Consider a designer that’s set up to build your confidence as a beginner, has easy to understand instructions and a YouTube tutorial for each pattern.

Why not try my website :

I wish you the best of luck of your sewing adventure, you will be amazing I’m sure!

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