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Share a Little Love on Instagram, by Vikki (@stitchedinwich)

Hi I'm Vikki (Stitched in Wich) and I wanted to write about sharing love, recognition and support on Instagram 🥰 My sewing account is relatively new and although I currently have a rapidly growing list of followers (big thanks if you follow me), my blog is from the perspective of small or new accounts to the Instagram sewing community. The Instagram sewing community can be such a lovely diverse group of people but it can be difficult to be seen, especially if you're a small account or don't publish frequently. I often find that my Instagram feed is filled with content produced by those with a large following who may have the luxury of time to sew regularly, access to designated sewing spaces or who have access to a significant sewing stash, lots of patterns, fancy equipment etc. etc. Now don't get me wrong, they produce some wonderful content : some are working with lovely brands and small businesses, some have their own business and/or blogs and/or produce YouTube content etc. and if this is you, please don't take this as a calling out or a shaming - you are fortunate to be in this position and please keep being you and producing your content.

But the truth is that this isn't a reality for most accounts. It's easy to find yourself comparing yourself to these glossy accounts and feeling that your content isn't "good enough" or "Instagram worthy" and that you simply just can't compete.This feeling can be escalated when you are working with limited resources (financial, time, equipment even skill level). Then when you do try and post content it just disappears into the Instagram abyss, never to be seen, liked or commented on by anyone other than maybe your best friend or mum. If this is you, please don't be disheartened, please keep making/sewing/kniting/crafting and please keep posting about it. I want to see your content and I am certain others do as well. It doesn't help that the algorithms are against you too. So my message to those on Instagram, follow back the small accounts and don't just think nice thoughts, type them, share them, send them. It's easy to get complacent when scrolling Instagram : you're bombarded with ads and lovely glossy professional style content. It's easy to just scroll past handles you don't know or content that isn't as "instantly appealing". Or just keep hitting that double tap to like without actually scrolling all the images or reading the description. Just don't forget that for some sewers their best content is the badly lit grainy picture taken on their phone camera with a large pile of mess in the background at some odd hour of the night. For others that post asking for help is a sewist who may be most in need of a little encouragement and support. A little love goes a long way. There is alot of talk about supporting small businesses, but can we, the sewing community of Instagram, also extend this support to small accounts and other sewists?

So next time you see a picture of something you like, like it and comment. Give that sewist the love, recognition and support they deserve❤. Happy sewing and Happy sharing 😊

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