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Okay, so here we go, blog post number 1 on the brand new "We Sew Fabulous" blog!

I'm really excited about having a project for everyone to share in together and really hope that lots of you want to get involved writing whatever sewing / crafting / making content you choose.

I'm hoping we end up with a good mix of content from tutorials, sewalongs and pattern write ups to people's experiences within the community. Oh and btw, regardless of all the pink everywhere, this isn't just a space for girls! I want to hear from everyone across the gender spectrum about their sewing journeys. What does sewing mean to you?!

I've always wanted to sew and am super grateful for having had the time, opportunity and energy in lockdown to be creative. When I first started my sewing instagram page I was a bit fed up of social media and it was literally a place where I put my makes just to document my sewing journey. The page was private, I didn't share it with anyone and didn't think anyone would be interested. Come September 2020 I thought : you know what, I'll make it public, just to see what happens and honestly? I've been blown away with what I've discovered.

Alot of online communities say that they're all about empowerment, all about lifting one another up... but they're not. I've tried to be a part of an online community before and it left me feeling more than a little jaded. But, in my experience, the sewing community really are the welcoming, cheerleading bunch they set out to be. And after my previous experience, that really was the most welcome and lovely surprise.

Here are some of the things I've absolutely loved about my discovery of the Instagram sewing community :

- If you need advice, someone is always willing to help you, be it with pattern suggestions, techniques, tools, you name it, someone knows and is happy to help.

- If you're having an off day where you don't feel your fabulous self and you post up a picture of a garment you've made, people come rushing in to big you up. No one cares if your hair isn't brushed or your background is untidy : they just love the clothes!

- The list of people I follow is full of bodies of all shapes and sizes and, let me tell you, seeing a range of bodies all existing and comfortable in their own skin has been an absolute breath of fresh air. Some of us are thin, some of us are fat, some of us are something in between. All of us are awesome. There is nothing more fantastic to me than the sight of someone in a photo totally loving themselves. I live. This in turn has made me more comfortable with my own body and more determined to support pattern designers who provide sizes for all bodies.

- I've met some fantastic people from all over the world that I regularly chat to in my dms about all sorts of things. There's loads of other teachers here (hey friends!) and loads of people with the same interests as me, meaning lots of lovely conversations to be had. Slide into my dms anytime gang, I love a chat!

- I've learnt a huge amount about a variety of really important topics such as the experiences of people of colour, neuro divergent people and those who are LGBTQIA+. Sewing is a powerful tool of self expression but also an incredible way to educate others. Recent discussions about appropriation have really opened my eyes and I strive to keep my feed diversified. I hope the blog will be the same. Representation is so important and I would love for the blog to be a space where everyone feels seen.

- The outpouring of love and support we show one another is epic. We share each other's makes, ideas, challenges. We tell other people to follow the accounts we love, we big up the small businesses we buy from. Empowering? Hell yeah it is!

I could go on and on, but this isn't about me, it's about US. Instagram sewing community, you have given me alot and so, this is my way of giving something back, by creating a platform for us all. Now all I need is content and that's where all of you come in! So send me your ideas and let's make something beautiful together. I'm excited. Are you excited? Because I am definitely excited!

Blog posts should be 500 or so words long and emailed, with 3-4 pictures to I'll proof read, publish and promote. Can't wait to hear from you!

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