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#MeMadeInAction, by Gail (

If you already follow me you probably know that I started a mini challenge with the hashtag #MeMadeInAction. Today I wanted to share with you where the idea came from!

FUNCTION NOT JUST FASHION I truly believe that garments can be stylish, cool and functional! My clothes have to be comfortable and purposeful. I'm too fussy to suffer for style! Despite this, all my Instagram pictures were standard - garments shown in a variety of poses. So one day I decided to mix it up. I took pictures of my daisy shorts out and about, doing what me mades do best, clothe us while we function! #MeMadeInAction was born. I realised the hashtag had never been used before and it got me thinking, maybe it could catch on?!

BACKGROUND I started Instagram with the purpose of recording my sewing journey but I quickly realised there was a huge IG sewing community that I wanted to be part of! I mean, technically I was part of it, but I didn't feel integrated. If you know what I mean? So how do I fit in?? I'd taken part in some sewing challenges but the one that was a real turning point for me was #FrugalFrocks hosted by @frugalisama and @theyorkshiresewgirl. I loved the values and principles of this challenge. If you took part, I'm sure you'll agree there was a real buzz in the IG sewing community on reveal day. This was the first hashtag I followed avidly, learning, sharing and really feeling part of something. I'd found the best way to 'fit in'. THE CHALLENGE Now that I'm more comfortable on Instagram, confident that I am part of the community and not an annoying imposter, lol, I wanted to share the feeling of inclusion and participation that I had experienced from #FrugalFrocks. I wanted a challenge with no pressure, open to as many people as possible and free from financial burdens, or the need for special skills. A #MeMadeInAction challenge seemed like the perfect fit.

I launched a mini challenge inviting others to: use the hashtag, tag me and join in the fun. Very simply post a picture of you or someone else doing anything in a me made: old, new or upcycled. I have shared and saved all the posts to my stories. It's a wonderful combination of activities from working to travelling, kayaking to eating and of course there's some 'inaction' thrown in there too! I've been overwhelmed how many people have joined in and shared the fun. It really is a brilliant community! So continue to post, hashtag and tag me! Follow the hashtag #MeMadeInAction and join the fun!

To celebrate the success of the challenge and to thank you all for your support I have a fantastic giveaway planned! Launch date Sat 21 August 2021. Details on my grid!

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