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Making the Perry Top, by Camilla (@she_sew_fabulous)

I was delighted recently to be gifted a pattern by Christine of ‘Sewing and the City’ in return for posting it up on my page. I had so much fun making this top that I decided to go one step further and blog about it too, so apart from my intro post way back in April, here’s my first ever entry onto ‘We Sew Fabulous’!

I was spoilt for choice when looking through the patterns on Christine’s web page. There’s alot of great designs there, but in the end I was won over by the detail on the back of the Perry Top, so that’s the one I went for. Currently, the Perry goes up to a size 20, but I was pleased to see that two of Sewing and the City’s patterns (the Bowery Sweatshirt and the Mercer Top) go up to a size 30. When I asked about plans to expand the ‘Curvy’ range, Christine did say that she hopes to add other designs to it in the future and I sincerely hope that the Perry is one of them, simply because it’s fabulous.

For my Perry, I chose this delicious ‘Wild Liberty’ fabric that I bought from one of my fave fabric shops, ‘Fleur et Ours’ a while ago. It’s been sitting in my stash waiting for a perfect project and this was definitely it. The fabric is lovely, with great drape that is ideal for this pattern as it calls for something silky.

The Perry is a surprisingly speedy make for something that looks so effective. The twisty back detail is super simple to accomplish and the facing means that all the seams are enclosed, so the inside is just as neat as the outside. Effectively, you sew a top and a lining and the double layer means that the drapey fabric is given a bit of extra weight, which means it hangs really nicely.

Aside from the back detail, which I love, the sleeves are also superb aren’t they?! They have a dart in the shoulder which gives them a lovely shape and though they’re meant to be long (down to the wrist) I quite like the effect of rolling them up to my elbow and puffing them out even more.

The design of this top makes it perfect for both a night out and work (although if I’m going to make it for work I need a more appropriate fabric as I’m not sure how thrilled my head teacher will be if I rock up to teach kids bedecked in naked ladies riding on jaguars!!) It’s deffo getting worn on a night out as soon as the weather cools down a little bit and I can’t wait!! I’m going through a real phase of sewing tops at the minute and I love statement sleeves, so this is just perfection.

This is a great top for all levels. Beginners will learn some great skills such as set in, gathered sleeves, darts and facings and intermediate+ sewists will enjoy how swiftly this comes together. I really did enjoy making it and I hope you will too (using my little magnet tool, which helps me keep a straight seam allowance : I highly recommend!!) Be prepared to see more Perries popping up on my Instagram feed : I’m already planning a second one in a lush Lady Mcelroy chambray I have in my stash and I think it’s going to look just as gorgeous.

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