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Lekala Sewing Patterns, by Emma (@emma__sews)

When I suggested that I could write up about Lekala patterns for Camilla’s ( @we_sew_fabulous ) blog I obviously didn’t think things through… as I am a relative newbie to Lekala too…

But nevertheless I thought I would have a go anyway.

So Lekala Sewing patterns are a Russian pattern company that use an innovative software to create patterns. On their site you will find thousands of patterns, in styles to suit all tastes, there are even free patterns, including for men and boys. The patterns are sold in dollars, usually around $3.49, which for those readers in the UK is less than £3, so way cheaper than your average pattern. The patterns only come in PDF for download and printing at home or at a copyshop (my choice*). I recommend using Patternsy for printing. And if you register on the Lekala site you get 10% off, which means a pattern costs £2.50 ish.

But what I can’t understand why everyone isn’t using LEKALA, imagine a world where you can have a sewing pattern made for your individual bodyshape, yes you heard me, MADE TO FIT YOUR BODY!!!

NO more FBA or SBA adjustments needed, no need to GRADE between sizes…. DID I MENTION ITS MADE FOR YOUR BODY MEASUREMENTS, including your height.

All you need to do is actually take your measurements** and enter them (I promise this is the hardest bit) and then you select your pattern and Bob's your uncle your made-to-measure pattern will be emailed to you in about 5-10 minutes. REMEMBER to select “include SEAM ALLOWANCES”.

The website has a tab called Styleboards where you can look at the patterns made up in “real life” They also have a really good search engine, enabling you to search for particular pattern features such as gathers, yoke, princess seams, pleats, and also whether you want woven or knit fabric.

DISCLAIMER ALERT Now let me just say, there is one thing if you are a beginner these patterns are probably not the best idea for your first foray into sewing as the instructions are minimal. But if you are well on your sewing journey, then you will be fine. Instructions do come in English, German and obviously Russian.

I have downloaded a number of patterns from Lekala and they will be made in due course. My current project is #4053 which is a short playsuit***, that I am making from blue/grey pinstripe linen /viscose purchased from Guthrie Ghani. I did think when I was midway through this project that the pattern and fabric choice may have been a mistake as I had to try to a) pattern match the stripes b) do my first collar stand and c) do my first button placket…. (see pictures below)

(pleased with my first attempt at pattern matching!)

So all I can say if you haven’t tried them yet I would strongly recommend LEKALA… let me know what you think. If you like them, tell all your sewing friends about them.

(You might also want to watch @Sew_sew_mad vlog on You Tube about Lekala patterns as she talks about them too.)

HAPPY SEWING! EMMA (if you’d like to follow me on Instagram I’m @Emma__sews )

*who wants to stick bits of A4 paper together? I’m not 6 years old!


***obviously not seasonally appropriate, but I’m a slow sewer, and usually have a number of projects on the go!

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