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How I Got Here, by Jess (@sewmuchmoor)

For as long as I can remember, I have been into all things creative. My Mum is an artist (although, whilst I was growing up, she was a lawyer. Big career change – I know!), so growing up, our house was filled with every type of craft you could imagine, and it still is to be honest. We always laugh that our house is very different to others. You need some embossing powder? Got it. Jewellery findings? Got it. Every colour of acrylic paint you can think of? We’ve got you covered!

Now this might sound strange considering what I have just said, but at secondary school, I hated both Textiles and Art. I think it was because a) I didn’t particularly like the teachers and b) I hated being TOLD what to create. Nothing kills a creative buzz more than being restricted and having to create things you had literally no interest in. What 13-year-old girl wants a wind sock?!

When I left school at 18, I started working in a local Patchwork and Quilting shop. I worked there for almost 10 years and learnt a lot. During that time, I dabbled in a bit of quilting, knitting and crocheting but none of it really stuck or made me particularly excited. Until about 2 years ago when I discovered dressmaking and the amazing online sewing community via Instagram. The first item of clothing I made was a Tilly and the Buttons Coco top, and I instantly fell in love with dressmaking. The (almost) instant gratification I got from making my own clothes was addictive. Even now, I still get the same buzz when I can make an item of clothing in just a few hours!

@sewmuchmoor stocks a wide range of @tillybuttons patterns, such as this #SewingLotta

Fast forward to now, April 2021 and I am the owner of my own online fabric shop which launched a little over 6 weeks ago. Sew Much Moor was born out of my love of dressmaking and my frustration at struggling to find affordable fabrics. My goal is to provide a wide range of beautiful and fashionable fabrics at an affordable price point. I also want to stock a collection of modern and stylish, independent sewing patterns. I think there is sometimes an assumption that the clothes you make when dressmaking might be frumpy or unfashionable, so for me, it is important that Sew Much Moor stocks fabrics and sewing patterns that reflect current fashion trends.

Rolls of gorgeous drapey fabrics, all available to purchase from @sewmuchmoor

Sew Much Moor is my baby that I have always dreamed of having and I am super grateful for all the support I have received so far. I plan to continue to grow the business and increase the fabric range that we stock as well as the sewing patterns and haberdashery items.

If there is ever anything you would love to see us stock, then feel free to DM me your suggestions and I will see what I can do. I hope that this blog post gave you a little insight into who I am (I’m Jess by the way!) and how I got here. Head over to if you want to have a little look around!

Gorgeous animal print sweatshirting fabrics, available to purchase at @sewmuchmoor

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