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Fleur et Ours, by Kayleigh (

Fleur et Ours is an online fabric and haberdashery shop that is born from love. Named Flower and Bear, after my children: Emily-Iris and Rupert. (Confusingly, I suppose, my business name is in French. French was the first foreign language I learnt, and although I don’t make the time to use it anymore, French has always remained a language I really love to speak.) And, ultimately, Fleur et Ours was born from a love of fabric.

Hello, my name is Kayleigh, and I absolutely love fabric. And style. And design. And expression. I love the way that creating our own clothes is like an Art form, and, dare I say, a super power? I hope I haven’t lost you there, I just find that in an age where sewing is beginning to rise up again, slow fashion and responsible style is on the up and standing out is fast becoming something we can be proud about (for those of us that are still a little bit shy, myself included!); being able to sew our own clothes, bags, quilts, face masks is a super power.

However, “with great power there must also come great responsibility” (you can thank my brother for my limited Stan Lee quotes). And in sewing, in the fashion industry, in our part that we play in the world, we need to be more responsible.

Often the idea to shop responsibly lands on the customer. I wanted Fleur et Ours to provide a service, product etc., that already considers our impact so the customer can shop confidently knowing that we dispatch all of our products using plastic free, compostable envelopes, we support businesses within the UK, we stock fabric made from natural fibres, we stock sustainable fabrics, as well as deadstock, thus reducing fabric sent to landfill or burned. Customers can shop guilt-free with Fleur et Ours, without compromising on style. We aren’t perfect, we are learning, and we will keep doing so to ensure that we are looking after our customers and our planet as best we can.

I love my shop, I love posting out customer orders and receiving updates on unwrapping and works in progress to the finished item. Since starting the shop it has filled me with so much joy, I have had the pleasure to work with designers to curate bespoke bundles for the shop, I have “met” Sewists, Pattern Designers, Surface Pattern Designers and Artists that have widened my little slice of the world even further. I get to live vicariously through the community, as I do not get to sew as much as I’d love to, with two toddlers running around...! I love that I can run my business alongside being a mother, and, if I hadn’t have had the chance to become a mum, I would never have dared to begin Fleur et Ours. And what a shame that would have been, as I’d have missed out on this beautiful adventure, with you lovely lot.

All the best, and thank you for reading.

Kayleigh x

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