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Building a Community and Database, by Sabine (@threadle)

What if the measurements that you put into your IG bio and posts about projects were actually searchable? What if sewing pattern size ranges were searchable? Hi, this is Sabine from @threadle. Around the beginning of this year, I started implementing a sewing database community website. The idea behind it is this: "what if we had proper search technology for sewing projects and patterns?".

Sewing can be hard when you do not fit into the average size range of patterns... Looking at people's projects on Instagram is both inspiring and frustrating at the same time: You see styles you would love to make, but the pattern that the person used does not come in your size, so you would have to either grade up or spend a lot of time searching for a similar pattern that comes in your size. Ok, so let's imagine 1. there is a place where you can filter patterns by your measurements, making the search results only include patterns whose size range includes your measurements, 2. it is possible to filter projects to show only those that use a pattern whose size range includes you. 3. it is possible to search projects by measurements of the wearer (obviously that requires that we have people who are willing to share their numbers - but from what I see on IG, there are a lot of us who already do it!) Is that an idea that lights you up?

How can we make this happen? 1. We need a database of sewing patterns where we record information about all the patterns (but not the patterns themselves!). In that database, we record the size charts. 2. We need a system for sharing projects that allows to record the pattern used in such a way that the system can look up the size chart / measurements range for that pattern. When we have that, it's not a big deal to make projects and patterns searchable by measurements. It you're curious and want to see a prototype of this in action, please to reach out to do a 1:1 testing and feedback session with me (@threadle on Instagram).

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