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A Blog with Sew Anonymous, by Aimee (@sewanonymousofficial)

TW : mental health.


My name is Aimee, and I am the owner of an online sewing store called Sew Anonymous. I run this business alongside my husband George and our 2-year-old daughter Bea (yes, she does help sometimes! If you get an extra sticker on your packaging, that's likely to be her creative input!). You may or may not know us for all our bright and quirky fabric and, hopefully, as of recently, our new own-brand products, our greeting cards, prints, and sew in labels.

You may have also seen our team of Official Sewists who are the faces of our brand! We wanted to give a real sense of community by having some approachable faces to engage with our Instagram followers and create a sense of unity! Our sewists create amazing content on our blog for beginners all the way up to advanced level sewists. They all have something different to bring to the table! Be sure to check their Instagram accounts: @lollymakes93, @elleandthestitches, @Hazelandthemachine, @designsbyohm, @robertsexton100, @about_your_dress, @scandinavianabroad.

Our business started in August of 2020 when the pandemic began. I was initially at university studying Psychology and Crime but that had come to a sharp stop. This new void that I had in my life was now filled with sewing and creative projects as I just needed to keep my brain busy. My hobby was born from having suffered from postnatal depression and the need to focus my energy on positive outlets for a healthier mental health. Sewing was fantastic for this! The fabric hoarding was even better…. So you could say that Sew Anonymous was a frivolous decision from someone that wanted to make their hobby into an excuse for more hoarding! But that frivolous idea has grown exponentially and our business has blossomed into something I wouldn’t have imagined.

We now have many beautiful fabrics, sewing patterns from indie designers, haberdashery, and our latest baby is our own branded selection of products. I started by designing our first range, which was our greetings cards. Why did I do this? I liked to design for our blogs and Instagram grid and designed our bookmark style business cards for our customers' orders. Our customers liked them so much that they started to request a different bookmark in their next orders! So I thought, why not develop some Sew Anonymous products for customers to have our designs on something a little more permanent.

These are the first set of “bookmark” business cards I designed for our customer orders.

Our greeting card designs evolved into A4 size prints for our customers to display proudly in their sewing rooms! They proved to be pretty popular, especially our best selling “Happy Place” design.

But my most exciting design to come was our sew-in labels. I have enjoyed the process of these the most! We now have 16 different designs, and I hope we can continue to expand our collection as I think there is so much potential for our label designs.

I love to see them included in people's garments, and people are sharing them more than ever right now! I get such a feeling of achievement when our labels pop up on our Instagram @sewanonyofficial.

Sewing had begun as my outlet to manage my mental health. I soon found that I was struggling for time with our start-up business, which is why I started to incorporate this design element into my daily routine. It allowed me to continue on a creative path and incorporate this back into really expanding our business. Our own brand products were perfect for this. I could put so much energy into creating and also provide content to grow our community further.

I think that's enough of an introduction to us and our latest designs! Please come and check out our website and Instagram! I'd love to have you onboard! Thank you to Camilla for featuring us this weekend. I have really enjoyed delving into my design process and sharing it all with you! Keep your eyes peeled for more of our designs coming in the future!

Enjoy your weekend.


In celebration of our partnering with @she_sew_fabulous this weekend we are offering an exclusive discount on our greeting cards, prints and labels! Please enter the codes below to redeem 20% off:

Greeting cards: CARDS20 Sewing Prints: PRINTS20 Labels: LABELS20

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